Cross Cultural Orientation
The goal of intercultural skills development is to minimise the risk of failure and enhance both the individual's and the organization's chances of success in an international environment.
Corporate Relocation
The success rate for a relocating employee into a new culture is 60%, this means that 40% of people you spend your time and capital on will not last a year. How do you better prepare your team so you grow your business and enable your employees to thrive in a new culture.
Humanitarian Training
A sense of adventure, a good heart and best intentions got you to this point, but to succeed on the field you need practical simple tools to succeed and stay
Did you know that a common gesture to indicate everything is okay is a horrible insult in Brazil? Consider how a moments mistake could lose your reputation with a new partner. It pays to be aware
Wholistic Coaching
Partners and children of travellers are often overlooked in the process and this leads to stressed families. Stress leads to high turnover. Organizations who actively support employees and their families improve their bottom line.
Corporate Social Responsibility
If your business disappeared tomorrow, would the world miss you? We help industry to improve their bottom line while paying attention to issues of social justice and sustainable community development. Let us show you how.


Stopover helps you navigate cultural perspectives so you can thrive and make a lasting global difference.