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I feel that I am harping on a theme, but last night I spent some time writing down some mental correlations.

For any one of us living an average life in the Western World to wish we were wealthy, is a little like:

  •  K2 feeling that it is a small mountain, because Everest is higher.
  •  Paris Hilton to wish she was famous, because Madonna is even more so.
  • Michael Jordon to wish he was as tall as Shaquille
  • Martin Luther King to wish he was as kind as Ghandi

When looked at from this perspective, the comparisons are not relevant, we see both choices as great illustrations of being, in order: huge, over-exposed, tall/talented, or noble

In the same sense, all too often we consider our wealth only in comparison to Bill Gates or someone else in the uber-rich category, and yet we do not truly understand that we sound like debutantes complaining about the colour of the limo, to those who are truly poor.

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