Where should I donate

Where Should I Donate? Ask a Charity these 5 questions

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After Black Friday, Grey Cup Sunday, and Cyber Monday comes the latest and greatest day, Giving Tuesday is a way to rebel against commercialism and greed. It is also the time when charities ask you to help out. Unless you are under a rock, it probably means that someone has recently asked you for a donation. Are you asking yourself  "Where should I donate?"


There are plenty of good options: Are you supporting socks for the homeless, christmas gifts for kids, or are you buying a goat for someone on the other side of the world?


How do you choose where to give?

There are thousands of charities, most of which you havent heard about.  You can probably ignore those. Don't try and sift through too many options.

Simply focus on what is in front of you.



Where should I donate

Once you have narrowed it down from the thousands of charities you need to think about what you want to support, it helps to ask these 5 questions:


1. What difference are they trying to make?  

Any charity should be able to answer this question in a single tweet.

If they don't know then don't feel obligated to help


2. How do they do it?

There are many ways to do something.

Do you like how they choose to work and are their activities all directed to the same goal?


3. How does the charity keep score? 

What do they use to measure their success? Are they making a difference and how do they know?


4. Where are the stories?

Everything sounds great in planning, but what does it look like in reality.

Vague plans are not as helpful as real stories from real people.


5. How much do they spend on overhead?

Be careful here.

 Too much is terrible, but too little might be worse! All great organizations hire great people, they can't work for free or their families starve. Rather than asking "how much overhead" ask "what is the impact".  That helps you decide if the overhead is worth it.


So who will you support?

Around here we are interested in the work of New Hope Schools Society. The plan for smokeless stoves in Haiti is simple and will change the #1 killer for kids under 5.  

[find out more about NHSS] or  [donate to NHSS]


Wherever you are tomorrow, plan to make a donation. Use the 5 questions and put your money into something great. Be Awesome! Make a difference!


Happy Giving Tuesday!

Where are you inspired to give?

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