First Do No Harm Quiz 3

Hi, you are at the quiz "First Do No Harm 3". This will test your knowledge of the next section of Mark Crocker's course, "First Do No Harm". You have 3 minutes to answer the following 10 questions.

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1) The movement from Paternalism to a gentler Maternalistic approach is a good transition
2) It is a positive thing to expect Nationals to give to you
3) If we consider gifts from nationals, it is common for us to first think about receiving:
4) When we are unfamiliar with a culture, we tend to give deeper meaning to the first lessons we learn, is this helpful or not?
5) Who tends to be at greater risk in making assumptions about a new culture? Pick the 2 that best apply
6) When we don't know what the locals are doing about a problem. Outsiders commonly believe: (pick ALL that apply)
7) The solution to a problem in a community is commonly held by:

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