First Do No Harm Quiz 2

Hi, you are at the quiz "First Do No Harm 2". This will test your knowledge of the next section of Mark Crocker's course, "First Do No Harm". You have 3 minutes to answer the following 10 questions.

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1) The rise of international engagement in poverty primarily occurred through the faith-based mission movements of the 1700's. During this time many levels of management were involved in sending people into humanitarian projects. By the 1960's this 'overhead' was reduced by smaller agencies to four levels. Which are they?
2) The great increase of personal engagement in international development is due to: (pick all that apply)
3) When entering a new culture and getting established there it is helpful to NOT bring three things. List all three
4) Why could a camera hinder relationship? Pick all that apply
5) How long should we pay attention to the 3 "Thou shalt not's"?
6) When trying to understand a new culture, the best indicator of a possible new cultural understanding is:
7) A good heart and the best of intentions is not enough ... What do we need to succeed in good partnership? Pick all that apply
8) When trying to understand a new culture, it is best to come up with a rational understanding first? True or False

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