First Do No Harm Quiz 1

Hi, you are at the quiz "First Do No Harm 1". This will test your knowledge of the first section of Mark Crocker's course, "First Do No Harm". You have 3 minutes to answer the following 10 questions.

Have fun!

1) The question is not whether a doctor is important, but rather:
2) Super Volunteer needs? Choose the ones that apply:
3) Choose the phases of a relief and development project from the following list:
4) During a Relief and Development project approximately how much media coverage is based on the first phase
5) During the first phase of a crisis, which question should you ask?
6) During the second phase of a Relief and Development project what question should you ask?
7) During the third phase of Community development you should never ask for something in return.
8) When we think of the poor we are conditioned to consider them through a certain perspective, that is:
9) The usual story of the poor is:
10) No one is trying to create problems such as paternalism or dependency, but unfortunately a _______________ __________________ is not enough

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