First. Do No Harm

We shut down orphanages in Canada because they hurt kids, why do we continue to open them in other countries?

Is it time to deepen your benevolence intelligence?

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People want to help the poor. Some attempts create lasting change while others take a lot of resources and cause more harm than help.

How do we bake in long-term success to our poverty reduction projects? This seminar reveals the surprising causes of benevolence dependency, and how to create a roadmap for lasting community change.


Executive Summary

I have yet to meet a person who wants to create dependency and hurt the poor. The dirty secret about international aid work is the countless projects that lie abandoned after the outsiders leave. Why does this happen and how do we avoid the same fate?

This seminar will provide compelling insights. I describe how one of your most common viewpoints will lead you to failure, and the simple shift we need to make to make a real change.

We will pay particular attention to the tools and actions we need to make a lasting difference. By the end of our time you will be ready to use the three questions necessary to stop the cycle of poverty.


Who this is for

– Leaders who want to initiate a new community development project

– Team members who seek to help the needy.

– Cynics concerned about efforts in international development or poverty reduction.

– Entrepreneurs who have been asked to manage or take over a project.



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Why I talk about this

  1. I have managed a major Canadian government financed food aid project for 21 000 beneficiaries in DR Congo.
  2. I have coached the creation of a successful micro-lending project for 1750+ women that has reached sustainability.
  3. I have directed numerous water infrastructure projects around the globe
  4. I directed an HIV/AIDS awareness video campaign between schools in Sierra Leone and Canada.
  5. I presently coach numerous global workers on sustainable development practices in over 50 nations around the globe.


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