Crossing the Great Divide

Diverse City and Inclusion

crossing the great divide webIf you want to know the key steps to live and thrive in a new culture anywhere in the world, this is for you!



Executive Summary

New cross-cultural experiences are an exciting adventure, and like all adventures they come with risk. A harmless remark or gesture is mis-understood and suddenly everyone in the community wonders why you are creating problems. The relationship breaks down and months or years of work is suddenly lost.

Successful travellers know simple and highly effective tips and tricks to success in any culture. This course will expose those keys and give you the essential tools you need to successfully work and live in any new culture. By the end of our time you will know the single most effective question in understanding any new culture and the best possible time to use it.


Who this is for

  • Leaders who are entering a new culture and do not want to create controversy or distract from their purpose.
  • Experts who want to hone their skills and move to the next level.
  • Teams who are staring at the wide world of international ventures.
  • Mavericks who want to meet people from other cultures who live in our neighbourhoods.



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Why I talk about this

  • I have visited over 1/4 of the worlds countries (45+)
  • I have taught on-site cross-cultural understanding to Westerners, Africans, and Latin American cultures
  • I have been in demand as a teacher for this topic for over 20 years.
  • I have trained over 25,000 people in this topic. This has actively changed how they enter a new culture and helped them to find far more success


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