Was the speaker any good?

When you are putting on an event, I understand that you want to find the right person to communicate. Will they help you share your message? Will they motivate your community? Will they have something of substance to say? Will people enjoy the event? I wrote this page to help you find out.

Thank you for considering me for your event, I know how important it is to find the right fit, and I want to serve you well.




A little bit about me.

I work in the field of Healthy Community Development.

I am a traveller who has been to 1/4 of the worlds countries and I am a teacher who loves messing with how people think about the poor. To date I have helped over 25 000 people participate in international adventures, and make a real difference in people’s lives – including their own.

I help people see the world in a different way, and I share simple helpful tools for people to make a real difference. I love creating ‘Aha!” moments for people.

I am a practitioner and have lead staffing and multi-million dollar programs in difficult areas of the world, including DR Congo and Haiti. I have driven countless miles in land-cruisers, eaten the strangest meals, met the king of Nindja and trained thousands of leaders to community transformation.

I have professionally communicated for two decades, and am comfortable in front of thousands as well as more intimate leadership groups. If you want to ask a question or check my availability please use the contact form below.


What you can expect

    • I will return your email, phone calls and texts promptly
    • Before the event I will contact you by phone to clarify your intention and goals. I will work to make your event a success in the way you need.
    • I will arrive on time. Prepared and ready to present with both my speech as well as accompanying video and images.
    • I will provide access to supplementary and additional resources for your attendees accessible from my website.
    • I will follow up with you after the event to ensure that you were satisfied with my presentation.


Most requested Topics

I speak on topics related to leadership, inspiration, life overseas, sustainability, working with the poor and poverty reduction.

First Do No Harm
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crossing the great divide
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I present these topics in a variety of ways. Keynote address. Seminar. Workshop. Half and Full day events. College courses. Feel free to ask if you have a particular request.

The next step

Thank you so much for considering me for your event. I consider it a high honour to share my passion with others. You can take the next step by sending me your name and email below. I will get back to you right away.


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