All of our services promote the development of healthy communities. Drawing on a rich diversity of interactive and thought-provoking training, you will achieve a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in a multi-cutural environment.

Stopover trainers deliver a highly effective and engaging way to make a difference in your community.

Stopover training has been valuable to individuals and organizations around the world. From Industry, Entrepreneurs, Volunteers and Senior Executives we serve a broad range of people - virtually anyone who wants to succeed in building healthy communities.

Coaching Services

Is your organization trying to transition a project to local leadership, maybe you are looking to grow your corporate social responsibility and deepen your financial health? Let us walk you through the critical steps you need to take to make it happen

Team Building

Engaging and effective communication. Whether it is a keynote speech or weekend seminar, we share simple and effective tools to form healthy community that inspires and can be immediately implemented.

In House Training

What are you doing to develop your staff and volunteers? As experts in sustainable community development we can help you grow the DNA of your organization and develop your people to work as better teams for better results

Relocation Services

Moving abroad? Joining a new culture is exhilarating and exhausting. Shortly after the thrill of arrival, the harder work of staying in a new country begins. Failure is costly. We coach you through the normal ebbs and flows so you are able to survive and thrive in a new culture. 

Cultural Orientation

Business practices are highly varied around the world, a well-meaning joke or even a simple handshake may be seen as offensive and suddenly a deal is lost. Don't miss a strong business partnership due to a simple oversight. Our cultural orientation is practical and simple help to make your travel much more effective

One-on-One Coaching

There are two ways to learn, from our own mistakes or from the mistakes of someone else. If you face a tough cultural problem in your work or homelife get in touch, we understand your situation and we can definitely help