Follow the bouncing ball …

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It takes about a minute, and it is quite funny. Take a moment and …Watch the Video. This is not an eye exam, but it will test your perceptions … after you watch it, come back here and read my thoughts.

I find it so very interesting how we tend to see what we are looking for, while at the same time, some of the most unusual and interesting things may actually be happening! This is so very similar to international work. What we think is happening, is often peripheral to the important actualities. It is only when we refocus, that it is blatantly obvious.

This all too often is the case when we evaluate our effectiveness in the international world, I often use a hour-long game that brings out the realities of this issue regarding partnership issues … we think we are paying attention to what is important, all the while missing the most important issues. Contact me, if you want to run through the partnership exercise sometime

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