Blood River. Book Review

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I just returned from a trip to the DR Congo and Kenya a few days ago. While in the airport I picked up the book ‘Blood River’ by Tim Butcher. This is an account of his trip across Congo following in the footsteps of Stanley (of ‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume’ fame) This is a great book to describe the terrible and incredible history of one of Africa’s richest and poorest nations. I recognized many of the places in the narrative, and even wondered if some of the people he was referring to, are people that I also know … In any case, definitely recommended reading for anyone interested in Congo

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  1. I sponsor a little girl in the DR of Congo. I hope to go and visit her one day… Another great book is “Facing the Congo” by Jeffrey Tayler. He also wanted to follow in Stanley’s footsteps by re-creating his trip down the Congo River in a dugout canoe. Incredible book!
    Another book I really loved was “My Heart Is Africa” by Scott Griffin. It’s the story of a Canadian businessman who left his ordinary life to become a pilot with the Flying Doctors Service, an organization that flies doctors and nurses to remote locations through out Africa. It’s a great read!
    Anyway, thanks for the tip! 🙂

    So what were you doing there? I noticed you’ve been there before…

  2. Hey Tammy, I was there to work with the local partner (Congolese) as he implements a large food relief project for 21 000 benificiaries over 6 months. The intention is to provide a stable source of food for the most vulnerable people in the war affected areas as they try to rebuild their lives.

    On behalf of the Canadian NGO ERDO, I help the partner with reporting, monitoring and evaluation, problem-solving, and many other things. I love what I get to do!

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