This is not a Guide to Great Community Development

This is not a how-to do this work post, or the 7 simple tricks to ensure brilliant development. They don’t exist.

A stopover is the time between home and abroad. The familiar and the unfamiliar.

Stopover is my laboratory where I try to make sense of it all. You will find stories of my successes and failed experiments. I write about working with communities all around the world and my discoveries of the ways in which we can create health and a lasting difference.

I write stopover for people who have started the journey, but know they have not arrived.  I want to answer a question you didn’t even know to ask, to give you an unexpected insight, or just spend time in my head.

My purpose is not to share the secret formula, my purpose is to share my process.

En route … Bur aren’t we all?

Mark Crocker


tl/dr: The Stopover blog exists to provide support, coaching and resources for people who have started the journey into sustainable community development, but have not yet arrived.