What People are Saying

Heartfelt and Productive!

I attended and spoke at an event organized by Mark where he brought a diversity of people together to improve the lives of recent refugees to Victoria. The event was packed, heartfelt and productive. This is a testimony to Mark’s hard work and commitment to our community.


Mayor Lisa Helps
Mayor of Victoria

I would definitely recommend working

I would definitely recommend working with Mark in planning a pre-departure training session for fellows/volunteers/staff going overseas early in their careers. His first-hand knowledge and experience in the field allowed him to speak candidly about the challenges and ethical dilemmas he himself has faced at times and to give concrete examples of what our international fellows might expect to encounter during their field placements. His use of a camera in the classroom in particular was pivotal in putting our participants in the shoes of locals they may be interacting with during their time overseas. He was a very organized, reliable and easy-going person to work with.

Tracey Evans
Program Officer

Everyone should take this session

The content was excellent! Everyone engaged in international development, or even thinking of participating in international development, should take this [First Do No Harm] session

Paul Gomes
Managing Director of Fig Tree Foundation

Finger on the pulse

Mark is both a student and practitioner of effective cross cultural ministry and development. He has his finger on the pulse of emerging trends that anyone who wants to impact their world needs to seriously consider. Mark Crocker speaks with precision, insight and depth of knowledge while helping his listeners navigate the complex landscape of development and charity. He challenges his listeners to reconsider default assumptions and view the challenge of international work in fresh and practical ways.

Ian Stokes
International Mobilization Manager

A must see presentation for cross-cultural communication!

Mark did a wonderful presentation on communicating in a cross-cultural environment. A must-have course for our volunteer ESL teachers! Mark was well-prepared, professional and funny. Thanks Mark.

Lynne Partel
Organization for Refugee Resettlement
Victoria ESL Co-operative

Sessions that enlighten, instruct, and inspire

Mark brings life experience from a variety of global venues into training sessions that enlighten, instruct, and inspire us to make maximum impact – sometimes not in the ways we naturally think should happen. His cautions are noteworthy and help guide us toward  ways of thinking that are effective and empowering rather than destructive and dependency creating.

Dr. Ron Brown
CMA Canada