Mark Crocker

Hi, I’m Mark Crocker.

Mark CrockerI am a traveller and a teacher, I help people develop vibrant communities.

I love to travel and I have visited 1/4 of the countries of the world. Meeting so many people has allowed me to help people from different cultures understand each another and to form healthy relationships.

I am active in international community development. I train people to live and work successfully overseas and I manage  people and projects around the world. I work with the smartest people you will never meet.

I am a proud Newfoundlander, who grew up in Calgary, and now live with my wife and two daughters in Victoria, BC. When we talk I may start by dusting off the sawdust from the boat I am building and then go on to bragging that my weather is better than yours. 


Why I write

I write about creating healthy communities because I hope to showcase how ordinary people are so effective at making amazing changes. I talk about international issues because I travel a lot and learn so much from the opportunity. I want you to jump in to your dreams of living and working abroad. I want to share my experiences, so as we work with the poor we discover what leads to healthy long-lasting change.

I do this because I love it. I look forward to sharing the stories of what I have learned, and the inspirational people I meet. If you find one of my articles interesting please do me a favour and let me know! You can leave a comment and add to the conversation.

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Thanks for dropping by. I hope our paths cross someday, somewhere on this big beautiful planet of ours!

Mark Crocker

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